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Wet & Wild Seattle Wedding: Thea & Geoff

Here’s another Seattle wedding that was all kinds of wonderful. The day started at Seattle’s Hotel Deca where the bride and groom both got ready and first saw each other. Then we, along with the wedding party, headed to the nearby University of Washington campus where we made some amazing portraits in the quickly dispersing rain, complete with a groomsmen chant of “Who’s got my back” in honor of the Seahawks’ pre game ritual. The ceremony took place at Blessed Sacrament Parish after which Thea & Geoff released doves as their guests watched. The reception occurred at TPC At Snoqualmie Ridge where the rain met up with us again, much to my pleasure (for photos, anyway). I was joined by my friend and fellow photographer, Andy Stenz for part of the day and the planning was handled by Wishes Wedding Coordination.

One of the things I love about weddings is that there are no guarantees that everything will go exactly as planned. All I see is an opportunity to make something interesting and unique when the unplanned, such as inclement weather, occurs. There is one overarching caveat that goest along with that though. Which is that I must be working with a bride and groom who are on board. Teamwork is a massive piece of the puzzle when it comes to photos. It would have been very easy for Thea & Geoff to see the weather and not want anything to do with it. After all, their clothes would be wet, their hair mussed, and shoes muddied, and iPhone (which was the light shining on their faces in the top photo) drenched, by trying something that has no guarantee of working. But sometimes it does. And when it does, we all win.


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