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German Castle Wedding: Nicole & Karl

What can I say? Nicole & Karl brought me to the German countryside to photograph their wedding that happened to take place at the Burg Lichtenberg Castle. It was amazing. I literally had to close my eyes on our walk to the car because everywhere I looked I saw more and more opportunities for amazing photos. I don’t know what else I could say about it that would expound on what is in the photos. I was thrilled upon finding out where the venue was, that it was basically neighbors with my aunt, uncle, & cousins who had been asking us to come for a visit. 2 birds, one stone. I was especially happy to have my Uncle Rob (who was far and away the coolest guy alive when I was a kid) come along and schlep some lenses.

On the trip we were able to visit 6 European countries in all and play tourist with all the requisite photos. At some point I’ll get some of those blogged. But in the meantime, here’s some from the highlight of the trip—Nicole & Karl’s big day!


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