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Arizona Desert Wedding: Meredith & Christian

So excited to share one of my favorite weddings today! I got to know Mere & Christian from taking pictures and sharing the dance floor with them as they were guests at two weddings that I photographed. So when they contacted me about their wedding I was thrilled! Among the reasons why is that one of my favorite things to do is photograph weddings where previous couples I photographed are guests so I get to see them again! Besides that, I knew this was a group of friends who love to celebrate together and it makes for a really enjoyable day.

The couple had their wedding at one of the most photogenic venues I’ve photographed. The curators at The Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch in Tuscon, AZ really did their homework when they set up the venue to make it really easy to photograph. It’s always great when the ceremony is in the shade from a photographer’s perspective, but it’s always better when the couple doesn’t have to suffer in the sun as they share their vows.

I feel like I could shoot several weddings there before I even really get a handle on how great it is. I mean, you’re steps from the desert which is populated with all kinds of wildlife & plant life (only a part of which wants to eat you) including the grand saguaro cactus’. When you match it with the subtle hills in the background and the beautiful Arizona sunsets, I was pretty much in heaven.

That’s even before getting to how wonderful the entire wedding day was. There was an overwhelming feeling of care and love shared by everyone that was 100% exactly how every wedding should be. Hopefully the photos convey a little of that.

Finally, the dance party. I was not let down even a little bit.


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