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A great Beacon Hill Wedding: Britany & Kyle

An amazing day with a couple who were fearless about making amazing photos and letting me do what I do best. When I first got to Arbor Crest the first thing I wanted to do was get to Britney and reassure her that the wedding day was going to be amazing regardless of the weather. Once I found her I quickly realized that my goal was unnecessary since she was in the best spirits and thrilled to experience what the day held, regardless of the weather.

That helped to keep everyone calm and relaxed and just led to everyone having a great experience—myself included. It also helped that Britney and Kyle were absolutely fearless when it came to anything photographic. A couple who is excited about their photos and willing to go along with about anything is as inspiring to me as anything else could ever be. When they set aside some time to make great photos as well as enjoy the heck out of their wedding, I feel like I’m in Beast Mode™.


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